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our processWords can be convincing, powerful, or just plain playful. The right words can catalyze change, challenge perspectives, and make people care about what you do, say or sell.

Hi, I’m Laura Hrastar, a writer & editor specializing in science, environmental, and travel topics. I help companies and organizations craft messages that inspire and motivate people to action.

Whether it's through content creation for exciting new services or email marketing for a political campaign, I strive to highlight what’s great about your cause, event, or offering.


Copy & Editorial

Great content says it all. I revise or create original content for articles, case studies, web pages, brochures, blogs, apps, social media, video scripts & more.

Project Types

Communicating effectively often means choosing the right media for your project. Do you need content for your new campaign, video or E-learning initiative? I can help you tell your story in an engaging voice.

Web Strategy

Is your website in need of an upgrade? I can help transform your site into a digital marketing platform that draws customers and positively represents you through design, usability, imagery & social media.


bioLaura Hrastar is a journalist, science writer, copywriter, editor, and web publisher with over 17 years' experience writing for American and international audiences. She has written for a wide range of media, including traditional press, corporate communications, technical communications, promotions for health & nutrition, website content, social media, and video storyboarding and production. Her specialities include science writing, environmental writing, and travel writing.

Through career aspirations or adventurous circumstance, she has worked for many different brands, including Nokia, the Los Angeles Times, E/The Environmental magazine, The Scientist magazine, the Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC), Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Malmö City, LEO Pharma, The European Spallation Source ERIC, and others.

Laura earned a M.Sc. degree in science journalism from Boston University, and a B.Sc. degree in marine biology from Florida Atlantic University. She holds a web design certificate from the UK Open College Network (OCN), and an advanced scuba diving certification (NAUI).

A marine conservationist at heart, Laura has volunteered with organizations such as Earthwatch Australia for cetacean research, Long Marine Laboratory in Santa Cruz, California, and the Whale & Dolphin Conservation in the US and UK. She is also the author of Submerged, a science fiction book series about the ocean and global warming.

Laura is equally at home immersed in water as in prose, and enjoys writing for her website, WeeScribble.com, swimming, scuba diving, traveling, learning to perfect her ‘swinglish’ (Swedish English), and creating engaging content for clients - that is - content that sticks in people's minds.

The Story of StickyPaws

You might be wondering how I came up with the name StickyPaws Media. Curiosity is a good thing. In fact, that’s what my writing services are all about. Finding fascinating details. Playing with words, molding ideas. Crafting messages that intrigue people to know more.

My approach to writing is inspired by a clever, inquisitive little animal, the raccoon. Curiosity drives them to dip their paws into everything. Yet, you may notice that the raccoon paws on my logo are a bit cartoony when compared to real raccoon paws. Definitely an intentional choice on my part.

StickyPaws also speaks about the type of content I create for you — sticky content. That is, content that resonates in people's minds. I apply the web concept of sticky content to everything I write. To make ideas stick, to ignite interest or persuade, it's important to know your audience, and address them in the correct tone of voice.

Why? Because one principle holds true for any type of communication in any industry. Whether to sell services, herald conservation efforts, or describe complex systems, you need people to understand and remember your message. When people know you, they are more likely to trust you and take action.

Special Report

special reportDo you want to reach and inspire new audiences with your conservation message?

Are you wondering how to gain their trust and support?

Find answers in my free Special Report: "How to Market to Non-Environmentalists and the Rest of Us — 8 Strategies for overcoming apathy, tradition, desire and other hurdles to a greener planet".


I've written on a wide range of topics, but my specialities include science & technology, travel, and environmental conservation (especially marine). View samples below.

  • whale watching
  • neutron science instrument
  • bio-NCP, drug carrier
  • invasive species
  • pain profile
  • IVF treatment
  • plant genetics
  • Oxford University, internet security
  • ESA, internet security
  • ESS, international womens day
  • Chiang mai, Thailand
  • magnetic island, Australia

Our Process



We discuss your project in detail and agree on the objectives, focus, and deadline. I will also request background material for the project.


Content creation

Web research, writing, and other creative work begins now. This phase may also include interviews and meetings.


Content delivery

I send a first draft and request feedback from you for content revisions. Feedback may include comments from anyone in the project team.



I create a second draft (if needed) or a final draft based on your comments. A schedule for revisions will be agreed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic markets do you write for?

I currently write (English) for the American and European markets, however if you are situated outside of these areas, send me an email regardless. Let's discuss the possibilities of working together.

Because I work online, location is not a barrier when it comes to delivering content.

Why specialize in science, environment, and travel?

I've always had a feverish curiosity for scientific subjects, particularly the life sciences. For example, at university I found biogeography and genetics totally fascinating (aside from marine biology subjects, of course).

Environmental topics come naturally with my appreciation for whales and other marine life. I often use my science background to add weight to conservation messages.

Travel is a big interest of mine, which I continue to feed whenever possible. I've studied abroad in Australia, worked in different European countries, backpacked through Europe, and gone scuba diving on many reefs.

What is your fee structure?

Normally, I charge a flat fee based on commercially competitive rates for project work. I've found that clients appreciate knowing upfront what the cost will be. This eliminates surprises and makes activity and budget planning easier for everyone involved.

It also takes the focus off of billable hours for meetings, research, and content creation for the project team, and allows me to focus on writing creative, quality copy for you.

I include a cost breakdown in the quotation I send to you after we have discussed your project. Contact me for a free consultation today.

How long will it take to complete my project?

The length of time needed depends on the nature of the project. For example, writing a feature piece will likely take longer than a round of teaser texts. If the project involves interviewing, I include resource availability in my time estimate.

In all cases, I guarantee that you will receive well-researched, quality work, on deadline, according to specifications. If, for whatever reason you are not satisfied, I will revise the material until it suits your needs.

What about revisions?

I include an initial draft, and 2 editorial rounds (by request) in my project fee to ensure the content is exactly what you need. I only ask that the editorial rounds do not include a departure in scope, direction or format from the agreed content deliverable.

Changes such as these require an additional fee, and an update of the contract agreement.


Contact Info

  • StickyPaws Media
    Box 4426
    20315 Malmö, Sweden

  • laura@stickypawsmedia.com

  • www.stickypawsmedia.com

Get in Touch

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